Nowadays, a lot of people are experiencing career transitions. Others are out there applying for jobs. It is easy to learn of their less than experience with the staffing agencies. You will hear them complaining about things like “I am just a number”, “they are not returning calls”, and many other complaints. It is true that recruiting agencies have a bad reputation in this industry.

Having tight budgets, less number of staff, and the r2464taf42y52762challenging financial goals, and competing with others in a tough market, a large number of organisations are now using in-house recruitments. Applying for advertised positions means that you will be competing over 200 candidates in one position. In fact, there is a possibility that even half the resumes are not even checked.

The right way of handling agency recruiters ensures you increase your chances of succeeding.

Ways to handle agency recruiters

Making calls

Never follow the crowd and just be adding your CV to a large database. Get a good reason to give recruiters a call. Tell them who you are. You should ask a specific and intelligent question. In fact, you should track down their contacts and name. Do not worry as your tenacity will pay off in the end. If you find the line busy, leave a voicemail.

Know your brand

It is important to know what your strengths are and how you can add value. You should learn how you can articulate this both in person and paper. Avoid making your CV have generic jargon seen in most CVs. Always ensure your story is very consistent on CV and in person.

Understand what you want

There is no reason for meeting recruiters until you understand with clarity what you want. These people are not going to dish out career bt5y5ya6wu6yw3advice. In fact, that is work for a career coach. You need to be particular about the salary, type of role, and industries, which are your target.

Maintain Contact

After meeting the recruiters, you should not rely on them to contact you back. These people meet good candidates every day. Rather, ask them what is the ideal way of keeping in contact. An email or a fortnight call to update them that you are available can work. This is to ensure you are at the front in case a suitable position arises.