A flashlight is a common item that many people may take for granted until they need one and don’t have it. Making sure you carry a tactical flashlight can prove to be useful on a daily basis.

They can be used as a weapon for self-defense, identifying potential threats, helpful in dark places, and most of all you should have one in the case of an emergency. Because tactical flashlights are built to withstand impact, are brighter than the average flashlight, and are compact and lightweight, you can only benefit by owning one.

With all the makes and models of tactical flashlights on the market, how do you even begin to know which is best for you? Here are four important tips for buying a tactical flashlight.

Best tips

1. Purpose

Identifying the purpose of your purchase is the most important step. Knowing what you want your tactical flashlightbhjmplkmbvx for can make the process of buying one go a little smoother. Do you want it to store in your vehicle for emergencies?

Maybe you want it on hand for self-defense to store in a pocket or purse? Knowing why you want to have a tactical flashlight can help you make decisions on the next four tips.

2. Light Output

Knowing the advantage of having an LED light versus a regular bulb is a must. While a regular bulb may sound like a good idea, choosing a tactical flashlight with an LED light will save you the cost of frequently replacing bulbs because they last longer, burn brighter and withstand impact better.

3. Power Source

Deciding on a power source for your flashlight is important. There are a few options. Regular disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries. Regular batteries come in alkali and a little bit longer lasting lithium. Rechargeable batteries are great, but you will need an electrical source if the batteries run out of charge. Knowing the purpose of your tactical flashlight will make this decision easier. Maybe you will keep both on hand.

4. Illumination Modes and Light Distance

kjmbvczxxMost tactical flashlights have a couple of modes. One is a regular stream of light and the second is a strobe setting. Knowing how the strobe setting works can help to keep you from being in danger.

Also being aware of the distance your flashlight will project light can be helpful as well. This is determined by some lumens your flashlight will project. 30 to 50 is good for close up, but if you want a large area, you will want 200 to 300 lumens.

Being aware of theses four important tips for buying a tactical flashlight can make your purchase the best one for your personal needs.